Printvriendelijke versie. Photos – Explanation

  • All pictures are made during our tours, or in the preparation to them. Usually by ourselves, but also by our guests (their name is then mentioned on the picture).
  • To watch the pictures – the meaning of the symbols:
    1. Click on the windows-symbol top right for a full-screen display. With the esc-key you leave this mode again.
    2. Down in the middle of the photo: Click on the filled arrow for a slide show.
    3. Down in the middle of the photo: with the < and > arrow you can walk through the photos
    4. Down in the middle of the photo: click on the 2nd symbol (the square) for photo overview
  • All pictures have copyright: publication or commercial use is prohibited (only allowed with our permission), download for pure privat use, as far as possible, is allowed.
  • Have fun with watching!
    By the way, in reality it is even much more beautiful …
Printvriendelijke versie.