Printvriendelijke versie. Evaluations

It was a super holiday, I came back really newborn. I will never forget that.
   (a guest writes even 3 years later!)

Walking with Marjan, only than you see what you (still) can!
  (80+-guest; the whole group agreed)

I am in training with you – every time I can walk better!
  (the same 80+-guest)

I was looking for something that doesn’t exist …, but it does exist!
   (another 80+-guest; walking tour for ‘vital oldies’)

I continuously enjoy! This is so good for us, to be active together in this way. And: no computer for a while …
   (4-day hut tour, parent and children)

It’s so good, what you offer!

Wenn I am stressed during work, I visualize that I am walking in Switzerland, most often at the Morteratsch-glacier, it really helps. I am walking there really and I am far away from my job, I am there … that’s a lovely feeling, or I am walking in the National Parc, beautiful… 
   (from an email, half a year after the tour)

Printvriendelijke versie.